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DUO roof


DUO roof is a combination of conventional flat roof and the inverted flat roof. Such a solution is very appropriate for providing a better insulation performance of flat roofs and low-energy buildings.

Composition of a DUO roof:

1st part – a conventional flat roof

  • vapour barrier laid on sloping concrete or on sloping thermal insulation boards,
  • the first layer of thermal insulation, e.g. FIBRANxps 300-L,
  • waterproofing layer

2nd part – inverted flat roof

  • second layer of thermal insulation, e.g. FIBRANxps 300-L,
  • upgrading depends on the finishing layers and on the intended use of the inverted roof’s surface.

Advantages of DUO roofs:

  • DUO roof has the same durability as the inverted roof,
  • DUO roof, built with FIBRANxps boards, has all the advantages of an INVERTED roof.
  • By installing FIBRANxps thermal insulation boards of higher compressive strengths on both levels of thermal insulation we can gain surfaces for vehicular traffic. This cannot be ensured in case of using a combination with other thermal insulating materials.
  • An improved variety of a DUO roof is a DUO OPTIMO roof.

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