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Pitched Roof

Considering that the roof is probably the most exposed part of a built structure, it is necessary to provide for its effective thermal protection from temperature fluctuations.  Pitched roof construction may consist of a metal, timber or reinforced concrete substrate.  The insulation material may be placed either at the attic ceiling level or at rafters / beams level, following the roof pitch (between, below or above the roof structural elements).  The selection of the insulation's appropriate position depends largely on whether the roof space is inhabited or not.  In instances when the roof space is inhabited, the insulation is placed at rafter level, whereas when the roof space has to be isolated from the rest of the building's habitable spaces, insulation may be placed at ceiling joists level.

FIBRAN provides a complete range of stonewool insulation products, FIBRANgeo, which provide the construction with the necessary thermal insulation properties. 

In addition, the high sound absorption characteristics of FIBRANgeo stonewool increases the sound insulating capacity of the insulated structural elements, minimizing noise pollution from external sources.

Finally, the contribution of FIBRANgeo stonewool products is crucial for the preventive fire protection of roof construction.  FIBRANgeo is incombustible (Class A1, EN13501-1), and so provides for or reinforces the fire resistance of structural elements.

Products for Pitched Roof Applications 

FIBRANgeo BP-021

FIBRANgeo B-001

FIBRANgeo B-570

FIBRANgeo B-570-AX

FIBRANgeo B-570-YM

FIBRANgeo B-040

FIBRANgeo B-050

 FIBRANgeo R-050-AX

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