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Floor Thermal and Sound Insulation

Both the thermal as well as the sound insulation of floor structures enhance comfortable living for their users and neighbours. 

The thermal insulation of a floor is necessary when its underside is in contact with the external environment or a neighbouring non-insulated space.  In any instance, the existence of a thermal insulating layer minimizes thermal exchange between independent habitable spaces. FIBRANgeo stonewool boards are suitable for use in a wide range of floor insulation applications.

Meanwhile, the sound insulation of floors is a prerequisite for the acoustic isolation between consecutive living spaces.  Noise from activities taking place in neighbouring apartments, working spaces or any building type travels via the un-insulated structural elements (walls and floors) with equal intensity (see diagram). 














FIBRANgeo stoneweool allows for the sound insulation of floors without significant addition to the overal dead load of the floor structure.  The dynamic stiffness of FIBRANgeo stoneweool boards is such that the floor construction operates as a 'spring', absorbing travelling impact sounds (see diagram). 


Products for Floor Applications




FIBRANgeo BP-021

FIBRANgeo B-571

FIBRANgeo B-051

FIBRANgeo B-001

FIBRANgeo B-570

FIBRANgeo B-570-YM

FIBRANgeo B-050

FIBRANgeo B-040

FIBRANgeo R-050

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