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Repairing of flat roofs, terraces

Whether the flat roof is the cover of the heated or un-heated space, the basic purpose of a roof is always the same:

The flat roof needs a long-term protection against water leakage.

Roofs that were built without the protection of waterproofing membrane, were exposed to the influence of UV-light and mechanical damaging. Also, temperature fluctuations have a significant effect on the durability of most waterproofing materials. Therefore, also in case of remedial (repair) work of flat roofs the recommended choice would be one of the FLAT ROOF systems.

The type of remedial (repair) work or upgrading is chosen with regard to the following:

  • the roof is leaking,
  • not enough thermal insulation on the roof,
  • roof surface inclination is too small to ensure adequate water drainage,
  • we wish to make a useful terrace for foot traffic.

Usually the decision for remedial (repair) worksystems from all the above reasons.

Necessary steps before carrying out remedial (repair) work:

1. Carefully checking the existing situation:

- checking the composition of the existing roof,

- checking the possible moisture in the thermal insulation,

- checking water tightnessof the waterproofing layer,

- checking the adequacy of the inclination and water drainage,

- detecting the possible non-insulated areas

- checking the execution of the end parts of the roof.

2. Together with the investor we need to define the future intended use of the roof and adapt the execution of the remedial (repair) work.

3. In case of the assumed increased loading the decision should be given by a statics expert.

4. Next, the decision on the type of remedial (repair) workshould be taken, but beforehand we should seek advice from various experts.

Hints to be considered when planning the remedial work

  • If the roof is leaking, just repairing the waterproofing layer in most cases is not enough. The water has already entered the thermal insulation layer, and if it hasn’t been executed with XPS insulation, the thermal insulation is soaked with moisture, and so it has lost its thermal insulation properties in the enclosed space under the waterproofing layer. In such cases the thermal insulation layer needs to be removed, and a decision has to be taken how to proceed with the remedial (repair) work. We can choose either the INVERTED ROOF or the DUO ROOF. If sloping screed has to be changed, we can choose one of the FIBRAN OPTIMO roofs, when carrying out the remedial (repair) workof older buildings.
  • If the roof only needs additional thermal insulation, we check the quality of waterproofing layer, and a PLUS roof is chosen.
  • If only the waterproofing layer needs to be repaired, the renovated roof’s surface is upgraded with the INVERTED roof system, so that a PLUS roof is obtained.
  • If the quality of thermal insulation material on the existing roof is still good, but the inclination of the surface is not adequate, the light-weight FIBRANxps INCLINE sloping boards are installed, then the waterproofing layer is applied, and then protected with the INVERTED roof system.
  • When the sloping screed is being changed, the loading of roof garden can be compensated with a light-weight sloping board FIBRANxps INCLINE (OPTIMO or DUO flat roof system).
  • In case of surfaces intended for foot or vehicular traffic, we choose the INVERTED or DUO roof system, by installing the load-bearing thermal insulation FIBRANxps. The type of insulation should be chosen by a statics expert.

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