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Dynamic Insulation - Passive Ventilation

Stonewool is an open hive structure and highly breathable insulating material with water vapour diffusion resistance μ=1, i.e. equal to the resistance of air.  This allows the flow of small air quantities through the building envelope, due to air pressure differences (Passive Ventilation). Ventilation provides high indoor air quality - i.e. replenishes oxygen, or removes moisture, unpleasant smells, smoke, dust, airborne bacteria, and carbon dioxide. In the absence of a mechanical ventilation system, it is necessary to assure controlled natural ventilation through the building’s openings and the maximum possible passive ventilation through the building’s envelope.  The breathable FIBRANgeo insulated building elements allow the transportation of water vapour and the movement of air, regulating indoor relative humidity.  This is made possible by the exchange of moisture between the breathable building elements and indoor air. 

In addition, when external cold air moves towards the inside, it obstructs indoor warm air in FIBRANgeo from moving towards the outside, thus increases its thermal insulation (Dynamic Insulation). 

Therefore, dynamic insulation provides higher indoor air quality and additional thermal gains.

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