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Pitched roof

The thermal insulation of a pitched roof should be designed and executed with great precision.  The choice of thermal insulation, the composition and order of layers depend on the particular type of each construction.

FIBRANxps – thermal insulation of pitched roof

Massive roof construction

(reinforced concrete slab, massive panels or roof made of brick fillings)
In massive roof construction, the thermal insulation is applied on the outside, yet a combined solution is also possible, with the application of part of the insulation internally.   In instances where the only possible solution is installing thermal insulation from the inside, one should first seek advice from an expert.

Timber roof construction

A combination of thermal insulation materials are used: a flexible thermal insulation layer is fitted between the solid construction elements, in order to avoid the formation of thermal bridges. If additional insulation is needed, rigid thermal insulation boards, like FIBRANxps, can be added either below or above the rafters.

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