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Pitched roof with massive construction

The most effective thermal performance in pitched roofs with massive construction can be achieved by installing roof thermal insulation FIBRANxps. The type of insulation depends on the positioning of the thermal insulation and on the roof construction.

External thermal insulation
Thermal insulation boards FIBRANxps MAESTRO are fixed directly on the construction. They are fixed together with placing the secondary roofing and tiling battens that provide roof ventilation.
Long thermal insulation boards FIBRANxps MAESTRO are manufactured with the tongue-and-groove (D) edges for easier installation. As tongue-and-groove design prevents the forming of thermal bridges, the installation of a single layer of boards is sufficient. Double layer of boards is installed if there is a need for thicker insulation, or if it is required due to the manner of fixing the boards.

Due to the exceptional load-bearing capacity of insulation boards, the additional load-bearing roof construction is not required. Due to the possible damage of roof tiles and penetration of rainwater through joints between roof tiles in windy weather it is recommended to install diffusion open water resistant membrane as a secondary roofing.
The roof thermal insulation is linked up with the eaves and façade insulation, to prevent thermal bridging.

In case of roofs with lower pitch, especially in windy areas, tiles can be glued directly on thermal insulation. More...

Hidden roof gutter, dwarf wall, ridge
By installing thermal insulation boards FIBRANxps, thermal bridges are prevented also on more demanding workmanship, like hidden roof gutters, dwarf walls, eaves… Various executions of single details of pitched massive roof are shown in technical designs.

Internal thermal insulation
…if this is the only option

When choosing to install thermal insulation on the inside of the massive pitched roof, we need to be aware of all the drawbacks of insulating massive elements from the inside.

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