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The façade may be likened to the dress or face of a structure, therefore its design is of extreme importance in terms of achieving effective thermal protection, durability and the desired aesthetic appearance for the entire building.

Which factors should be taken into consideration when selecting façade thermal insulation?

The selection of thermal insulation of the façade depends on the physical properties of the insulation and the other external wall construction layers, taking into account the following:

  • the desired appearance of the façade (render finish, façade cladding)
  • the location of the building
  • exposure of the façade
  • intended use of the building.

Why choose FIBRANxps façade insulation?

The physical properties of FIBRANxps façade insulation boards ensure quality and durability for the thermal insulation of the building envelope.

Specific features of FIBRANxps façade insulation boards:

  • Edge profiles:  boards with rebated edges prevent thermal bridging at joints, a factor of special importance for thick facade insulation applications.
  • Surface finish:  the wafer-pattern surface of façade boards provides excellent adherence for renders, adhesives, adhesive foams, etc.
  • Wafer-pattern surface and exceptional shear strength perpendicular to the boards' faces ensure durability of the façade in applications with heavyweight cladding (stone, ceramic tiles)
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Due to the material's closed cell structure, the high thermal insulating properties of XPS boards are maintained even in environments with increased humidity levels.
  • Low water absorption and water repellence of boards is a decisive factorfor choosing XPS for insulating a structure at ground level.
  • High water vapour permeability of FIBRANxps façade boards makes them an excellent choice to use in combination with more or less vapour resistant renders and claddings (stone, ceramic tiles…)
  • Exceptional compressive strength of FIBRANxps boards assures durability even for the most exposed surfaces of the facade, e.g. at ground level, where a wall meets a floor surface, etc.


The quality of ETICS systems with FIBRANxps façade insulation boards is certified with the acquired European Technical Approval.

Façade finish layer

FIBRANxps façade insulation allows unlimited selection of renders or cladding façade finishes:

  • Rendered thermally insulated façade

External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) – FIBRANxps ETICS GF or BT insulation boards provide balanced water vapour permeability with all render finishes.

  • Clad thermally insulated façade

Higher vapour retardant layers, such as stone, ceramic tiles can be fixed directly on FIBRANxps ETICS  GF or BT insulation boards.

  • Brick-clad thermally insulated façade (over-clad)

FIBRANxps MAESTRO does not require ventilation layer, nor a water vapour permeable layer, nor wind protection layer.

  • Hung thermally insulated façade

FIBRANxps façade insulation boards do not require a wind protection layer.

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