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Curtain wall

The expression “curtain wall” is used when the façade facing elements are fixed to the subconstruction or special anchors. “Curtain wall” is also used for ventilated façade systems, because when using wool insulation the air layer is necessary, in order to drain the condensation moisture away. On principle, when using XPS insulation, the ventilation layer is not necessary, but in practice, with curtain walls a ventilation layer does occur, because of uneven walls.

The advantage of using FIBRANxps insulation in curtain wall systems is proven mostly with heavy claddings, such as stone. A stone cladding requires very strong load-bearing metal anchors. The thicker the thermal insulation, the more pressure is put on anchors. When using FIBRANxps insulation, the ventilaton layer is not necessary, and therefore the façade elements can be 4cm thinner. Anchors that have been used for 8cm insulation, now correspond to 12cm insulation if using FIBRANxps.

The type of façade insulation for curtain walls is selected by the designer, depending on the way of fixing the façade envelope.

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