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Internal wall insulation

Wall insulation from the inside

The most adequate internal thermal insulation, and also the simplest to install, is XPS insulation. If thermal insulation is installed only internally, it should be glued over the entire surface, otherwise only in strips. Thermal bridging that could form around windows, doors, on ceilings….,  should be taken into consideration in both cases.

Remedial work of the existing cold walls

Comparison of temperatures before and after the remedial work 

A façade wall, made with 20 cm thick hollow blocks, has been externally insulated with 5cm thermal insulation. As the intended use of the space was upgraded, the thermal comfort had to be raised. The measured temperatures were as follows: 

  • outside air temperature: 0°C
  • inside air temperature: 19,5°C
  • inside air temperature along the wall: 16°C


The sensible inside air temperature was too low to provide thermal comfort. 

MEASURE: Remedial work on the internal side:

Upgrading of the façade was not possible, therefore the occupant decided to install internal thermal insulation, as shown on the photos. Thermal insulation boards FIBRANxps ETICS GF were glued onto the surface with special PU foam, and finished with ETICS system, but instead of render coat the plaster putty and plaster finish were used. Temperature measurements after the completed remedial work were carried out at approximately the same conditions:

  • outside air temperature: 0°C
  • inside air temperature: .19.5C
  • inside air temperature along the wall: 18,5°C


As there is no temperature difference, no air circulation occurs, and the sensible inside temperature is equal to the actual inside temperature. 


Adequate wall thermal insulation from inside:

FIBRANxps ETICS GF – for rendered surfaces

FIBRANxps ETICS BT – for heavier claddings

FIBRANxps FABRIC – for gluing on gypsum boards

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