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Ceiling between two heated spaces

To provide maximum living comfort the ceiling between heated spaces is protected with thermal, and at the same time with acoustic, insulation. Thermal insulation reduces the excessive heat transmission between the storeys, and the flexible acoustic insulation prevents the transmission of impact sound from the upper space. If a noisy bar or a workshop is situated below a living space, the ceiling needs additional acoustic insulation from below. Very often all the surfaces of a noisy space need to be insulated, as the vibrations are transmitted through the walls and ceilings. Ask for advice on how to carry out an effective insulation and its execution.

If there is a possibility and a need to divide the space by heightthepre-fabricated ceiling construction can be carried out.

FIBRANxpe – protection agains impact sound

FIBRANxpe is a foamed foil for protection against impact (walking) sound, acting at the same time as a sealing foil in case of installing concrete screed.

FIBRANxpe is applied as acoustic insulation layer:

  • under laminate flooring,
  • when dry assembling prefabricated ceiling,
  • between ceiling construction elements in case of wooden ceiling,
  • between rigid insulation boards and concrete screed (acting at the same time as a sealing foil),
  • with underfloor heating…

Dry construction floor

Floor on wooden or metal joists can be assembled as dry construction floor with thermal and acoustic insulation already built in.

To prevent the transmission of impact sound, the foamed foil FIBRANxpe is used.

Extruded foamed foil FIBRANxpe is used as vapour barrier at the same time, if the location of the ceiling requires it. Care should be taken that with ceiling adjacent to un-heated attic FIBRANxpe foil is applied under the thermal insulation.

We use load-bearing thermal insulation boards as FIBRANxps ETICS GF, manufactured in accurate thicknesses. If insulation of non-standard thicknesses is needed, FIBRANxps FABRIC is used.

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