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Highly loaded floors

Highly loaded floors may be constructed as foundation or ground level floor slabs. A floor requires thermal insulation, when the building is heated or cooled or if a process that generates surplus heat is taking place inside it. Due to the point loads received by the floor structure, to protect it from extreme thermal fluctuations as well as take advantage of its thermal mass, the insulation is laid under the floor slab (foundation or ground level). Considering the assumed floor loads, the structural engineer selects the type of thermal insulation FIBRANxps, designed for the thermal protection of floors receiving high loads. Insulation materials designed for high loads are certified for declared compressive strength values of 300 to 700 kPa, which corresponds to loads ranging from 30 to 70 tons per square meter.

Insulation boards are manufactured with shiplap edges and may, therefore, be applied as a single-layer thermal insulation. The boards are laid in a staggered pattern, thus providing a compact layer of interconnected boards. Before reinforcement steel is placed in the formwork and concrete is cast, a sealing membrane should be applied. When protection against impact sound transmitted between consecutive floor slabs is required, expanded polysterene sheets of FIBRANxpe may be applied, doubling also as a sealing membrane.

FIBRANxps floor insulation boards provide long-term thermal efficiency, due to their closed-cell structure, whilst their certified technical properties remain unchanged even in the presence of moisture.

FIBRANxps thermal insulation boards are suitable for a variety of highly loaded floor applications:

  • basement floors
  • under-floor heating applications
  • swimming pools
  • industrial floors
  • foundation slabs
  • parking decks
  • cold storage rooms
  • road decks
  • railway tracks
  • bridges
  • airplane hangars
  • airplane runways and airport aprons.

Depending on the assumed loading, the structural engineer may select the required type of product:

FIBRANxps 300-L
FIBRANxps 400-L

FIBRANxps 500-L

FIBRANxps 600-L

FIBRANxps 700-L

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