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Underfloor heating

Floor with underfloor heating

Thermal insulation boards FIBRANxps are also used with underfloor heating system, where a very high performance of rigid and effective thermal insulation is required.

Surfaces with underfloor heating, insulated with FIBRANxps, may be carried out between the storeys, within the floor construction adjacent to cold basement, and also on ground bearing floor.

Ground bearing floor with underfloor heating

Low-energy buildings are usually built on a foundation slab which enables the effective installation of thermal insulation. In this case thermal insulation is installed below the foundation slab, thus minimizing thermal bridging.

Floor construction: acoustic insulation foamed foil FIBRANxpe, protecting against impact sound, is laid over the massive foundation slab, upon which the chosen underfloor heating is installed. Due to thermal insulation already installed below the foundation slab, additional thermal insulation is not required. The heat is being accumulated in the concrete mass, thus maintaining stable temperature in the space.


The detail is showing the most energy efficient ground bearing floor construction. The construction of ground bearing floor with the foundation slab and double thermal insulation below it provides an efficient and continually laid thermal insulation envelope. Thermal insulation layer protects the waterproofing from puncturing, which represents an additional advantage.

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