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Constructions below grade

Underground structures should be protected against water or moisture ingress with the application of waterproofing, effectively protected against mechanical damaging.

Furthermore, when underground spaces need to be protected against heat losses and thermal bridging needs to be prevented, even when the underground soil is frosted, FIBRANxps extruded polysterene insulation boards offer optimum protection. Thermal insulation boards must meet the minimum quality requirements prescribed for particular applications in the EU guidelines (load-bearing strength, water absorption, frost resistance, etc.)

Minimum technical requirements:

Compressive stress at 10% thickness deformation (kPa): CS(10Y)300: min.300kPa
Long-term water absorption by diffusion: WD(V)3: max 3 vol%
Declared value of compressive creep: CC(i1,i2Y)110: min.110kPa

Depending on the assumed loading, the adequate insulation material type should be selected by the structural engineer.

What do we gain by applying FIBRANxps insulation?

Acting as an ENERGY SHIELD for buildings, FIBRANxps insulation

  • maintains the thermal stability of constructions
  • prevents abrupt temperature changes of indoor air, and
  • protects the waterproofing layer against mechanical injuries.

Acting as an ENERGY SHIELD for decks, roads, railway tracks, airplane runways, infrastructure applications, FIBRANxps insulation

  • prevents the penetration of frost into the ground, which can result in damaging a built structure, the road deck, etc.,
  • prevents lifting of power line column foundations
  • prevents damage of sewage systems or underground service channels, which can occur when frost penetrates into the ground, especially where the soil is permanently damp,
  • prevents damage of paved pathways and ground concrete decks, which can occur when frost penetrates into the ground underneath the deck structure

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