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It seems unusual to apply thermal insulation on the concrete mass, such as foundations that have no direct contact with a space. The concrete mass, which efficiently accumulates either cold or heat, also affects the energy balance of a building. Foundations of a one-storied house have a bigger impact than the deeper foundations in thermally more stable ground.

Thermal insulation that may be used in the ground, must have a high compressive strength and an extremely low water absorption.
Required technical characteristics

Declared compressive strength:CS(10Y)300

Long-term water absorption by diffusion:WD(V)3

Low-energy building

In low-energy buildings the insulation of the entire building envelope is recommended, which includes the entire foundation as well. Thermal insulation with very high compressive strength is required below grade beam footings or spot footings, due to concentrated point or linear loading. A statics expert must be consulted before taking the appropriate decision. In case of low-energy building the designers prefer to choose more cost-effective and simpler construction of a foundation slab, which enables thermal insulation without thermal bridging.

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