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Building on a foundation slab

Construction of low-energy and passive buildings requires a very high quality protection against heat losses. These types of buildings need a perfect thermal insulation on the entire building envelope, as thermal bridges are not permitted. Building on the foundation slab enables an energy efficient and cost effective construction.

Grade beam footing or foundation slab?

In case of residential buildings the decision FOR building a foundation slab is not difficult to take. Key reasons for such a decision are: less excavation, less formwork,simpler reinforcement, faster building, but most important - perfectly executed thermal protection of the building below grade. In any case, foundation slab is the optimum solution when considering which type of foundation to select.

Thermal insulation

Only thermal insulation with sufficient declared compressive strength, and with the designed technical properties that do not alter even after long-term loading, may be installed under the foundation slab.

Required technical properties:

  • CS(Y10) ≥ 400 kPa
  • WD(V) ≤ 3 vol.%
  • WL(T) ≤ 0,7 vol.%
  • freeze-thaw resistance class FT2
  • boards with shiplap (L) edges
  • smooth surface of boards
  • boards with larger dimensions are recommended

Thermal insulation of foundation slab in practice

The placement of the insulation boards at the base beneath the building offers the highest energy shield. In the uniform placement of insulation in the base under the slab avoid thermal bridges, limit heat loss while the solid structure of concrete offers significant thermal accumulation.

For the insulation of the foundation slab select FIBRANxps 400-L.

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