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FIBRANxps - high performance thermal insulation
FIBRANxps, turquoise thermal insulation made of extruded polystyrene, is suitable for a wide variety of applications both in building construction and in industry, due to its exceptional technical characteristics. FIBRANxps is produced with the use of environmentaly friendly gases, and in accordance with the European requirements for sustainable materials.
FIBRANxps - a wide range of applications
FIBRANxps creates a complete
ENERGY SHIELD, that protects against extreme temperatures and maintains its physical and chemical characteristics even after having been exposed to long-term loads and environments with increased humidity levels. FIBRANxps thermal insulation is supplied in boards as well as in composite prefabricated elements, combined with plain or water-resistant gypsum boards, white cement mortar and ceramic tiles.
FIBRAN - a reliable partner
FIBRAN employs constant and strict quality control procedures, whilst it is active in developing new products, in response to the market demands. FIBRANxps products carry the CE mark, which indicates that they have been tested in compliance with the European legislation and that the quality of its production process is being regularly monitored. Further, FIBRAN has acquired European Technical Approvals regarding specific applications and the specification of special products these may require.
FIBRAN’s experts have prepared technical drawings, manuals and software as guidelines for designers. Please feel free to contact FIBRAN's Technical Department for expert advice on the purchase and application of a particular product.

Designation code

Key for designation codes of thermal insulation products made of extruded polystyrene, according to the standard EN 13164:   

EN 13164 – number of the European standard for extruded polystyrene thermal insulation products
Ti – declared level of thickness tolerance
CS(Y/10) – declared compressive strength at 10% deformation
TR – declared rate of tensile strength perpendicularly to the surface
DS(TH) – declared rate of dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditions
DLT(i)5 – declared level of deformation under specified compressive load and temperature
WL(T)I – declared rate of long-term water absorption by immersion
WD(V)I – declared rate of long-term water absorption by diffusion
MUi – declared water vapour diffusion resistance factor
FTi – declared rate of freeze-thaw resistance                            

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