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Hung Facade

In hung building facades, prefabricated cladding elements made of timber, glass, stone, tiles, metal, synthetic materials are fixed onto the main building structure with the use of a secondary structural frame or with independent fixings.  The facade elements do not come in direct contact with the insulation material, but a narrow air gap (from 4 to 8cm) is left between the two layers, to provide for the ventilation of the insulation layer.

 FIBRANgeo in hung facades

  • FIBRANgeo Β-570-ΥΜ stonewool insulation boards with black non-woven fibre-glass fleece facing are mechanically fixed behind the cladding's structural frame, with the fleece side facing the ventilation gap. 
  • At the points where the insulation material is indented, to allow for the fixing of the frame onto the main structure of the building, or where the independent fixings have to be placed, the insulation is replaced with FIBRANpur insulating foam. 

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