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Cold - warm spaces

Designing a combined warm-cold building presents a big challenge. When designing low-energy buildings, such combined solutions should be avoided, as they would result in forming too many thermal bridges.

Which buildings are we talking about?
A warm-cold building is

  • each residential building with an un-heated basement or cold attic,
  • a building with open or closed parking space below the heated part, but also between or above it,
  • a building with internal cold elements, such as elevator shaft, service shaft, staircases, cold space in the building or adjacent to it, porticos (columns)…

Low-energy buildings

In case of almost zero-energy house the cold spaces must be physically separated from the heated spaces, in order to minimize heat losses caused by thermal bridging.
From 2020 onwards all the heated buildings in Europe will have to follow the principles of low-energy buildings, which means that thermal bridges will have to be avoided, or the best solution will have to be applied already in the design phase.

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