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You don't wish to save?

…then don’t save!

Let us build in an energy efficient way!


         >>>>  Let’s make our own ENERGY SHIELD.

Climate change and precious energy

We are mostly unaware of the fact that we are a part of nature, and as such we should be acting according to natural laws, instead of working against them, and then later complaining that we didn’t know what consequences our ignorance would bring forth.

Global development in all areas, combined with our desire for a more comfortable living environment, has an increasing impact on pollution and global warming. We are the cause of rapidly growing climate change, and its impact is felt daily in our living and working environments. We are becoming aware that promoters of development in all areas need to reduce, or bring to zero, the devastating impact on our environment, by implementing adjusted requirements in order to ensure natural balance for future generations.

Unfortunately, the basic requirements for living cannot be taken for granted any more. Clean air, potable water, naturally grown food, balanced weather, pleasant climate in our dwellings, which all contribute to a long and pleasant life for our generation and the next one, are valuable assets. However, the expected climate change is reaching devastating proportions. The currently known energy sources are being rapidly depleted. 

It is time for change!

We cannot have an influence on everything, but we can make changes to our personal and to a certain extent also to our working environment… We need to make preparations to become energy independent while there is still time.

Since 1992, UN’s guidelines for keeping climate change under control, co-signed by the Greek government, prescribe pollution reduction of our environment. Some progress has been made in this field: looking for ways on how to become energy independent, which means preparing the conditions for the use of renewable energy, still offered in abundance by nature (solar, wind, water, geothermal). Striving towards energy independence always starts with implementing ENERGY SHIELD on buildings;  it begins with a thoroughly planned design and installation of the appropriate thermal insulation, in thicknesses that meet our requirements.

Low-energy house – Nearly zero energy house – Energy-independent house

Whatever these terms mean to us – this is a necessity and this is our future.

“Saving” is not the solution. Instead, make it efficient!

To save in the sense of “giving up something” is not pleasant. We all wish to live comfortably and without worries, so let us create energy efficient buildings. Let us create an ENERGY SHIELD.


>>>> Efficient thermal protection

Energy efficiency means that we don’t consume more energy than is needed for comfortable living. The amount of energy for comfortable living largely depends on the thickness of the appropriate thermal insulation that provides long-term protection against cold or heat and maintains a pleasant climate for living. The selection of the appropriate thermal insulation depends on where and how it is used.

The effective thermal insulation of buildings is the first and the easiest step in providing long-lasting comfortable living.
Frequent unpleasant weather conditions (storms, rainstorms with hail, floods…), very high temperatures in our dwellings in the summer, high bills for their cooling, substantial heat losses in cold weather, and also new regulations and energy subsidies make us re-consider and take action:

  • Environmental designers are adapting the shape of buildings, in order to withstand the current climate changes
  • Environmental regulations include increasingly stringent requirements for the thermal efficiency of buildings, heading towards energy independence
  • Well-informed builders are choosing to construct low-energy buildings
  • When planning a refurbishment, long-lasting and energy efficient solutions are being taken in consideration.

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