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Non-protected membrane of flat roofs

nezaščitena, izpostavljena hidroizolacija ravne streheRoofs with exposed, non-protected waterproofing layer are considered as non-protected roofs.
Durability of a non-protected roof depends mostly on the quality of the final waterproofing layer...

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Shaded non-trafficed flat roof

Hidroizolacija ravne strehe zaščitena s prodcemWhen installing exposed waterproofing layer (above the thermal insulation), we choose an UV-light resistant waterproofing membrane, which needs to be shaded for protection against mechanical damage and ensures the roof a longer life. 

Flat non-traffiked roof are usualy covered with gravel, as well as an inverted roof system, where the waterproofing is protected by XPS thermal insulation boards, and it is a long life roof system by itself.

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Balconies, loggias

Balkon z masivno ograjo, toplotna izolacija balkonaBesides a good execution of waterproofing on balconies and loggias, a well planned thermal insulation is very important. Thermal bridges are formed if the thermal insulation is not well fitted together.

A balcony represents a discontinuation of the thermal façade envelope, therefore it is recommended that thermal insulation should be applied over its entire surface.

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