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Brochures - Technical Guides

FIBRAN has prepared a series of brochures, regarding both the technical performance of its products as well as their applications.  Aim of these brochures is the in-depth presentation of construction solutions, placing emphasis on the correct application of stone wool.  Further, mention is made to the advantages and drawbacks of each application, rendering these brochure presentations a working tool for the technical world.   


FIBRANgeo Products Catalogue

The Products Catalogue presents in length the products suitable for various construction applications, providing thermal and sound insulation as well as fire resistance to buildings.


Metal Roofs

The technical guide for Metal Roofs presents the possible construction applications, the details which require extra caution in each solution, as well as the FIBRANgeo products proposed for every instance.


Thermal Insulation of Vertical Construction Elements

The technical guide presents various construction solutions for the thermal insulation of vertical elements in construction.  In particular, the solutions described refer to external thermal insulation, the thermal insulation of cavity walls and ventilated facades, and finally, to thermal insulation when placed on the inside of the building's envelope. 

FIBRANgeo Technical Brochures

Product Catalogue

Insulation of Metal Roofs

Thermal Insulation of Vertical Building Elements

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