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Thermal Insulation - Sound Insulation - Fire Protection of Dry Construction Elements

Dry construction is common practice both in domestic, commercial and industrial applications, contributing to:

-the fast and facile construction of internal or external vertical and horizontal elements (facades, separating walls, ceilings etc.),

-the sound insulation and improved acoustic performance of spaces,

-the thermal and sound insulation of existing structures.

Lightweight dry construction elements are the ideal solution for offices and commercial spaces, especially for remodelling or refurbishment projects.  Furthermore, dry construction offers a variety of solutions for the thermal and sound insulation of existing structures, both of external facades and interior separating walls.

FIBRANgeo products combine perfectly with dry construction materials, offering the ideal results in terms of thermal, sound insulation and the fire protection of new or existing structures.

In dry construction applications, caution should be taken to avoid sound-and-thermal bridges between the building's structure (floors, columns, beams, existing masonry walls, etc.), the electromechanical installations and the dry construction elements (walls, ceilings).

Dry construction applications are also common in public assembly halls, such as theatres, concert halls, music venues, etc.


Products for Dry Construction Applications 

FIBRANgeo B-001

FIBRANgeo B-570

FIBRANgeo B-570-AX

FIBRANgeo B-570-ΥΜ

FIBRANgeo B-050

FIBRANgeo B-040

Special Applications

Masonry Wall Insulation with Dry Lining

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