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Terms of Use
  1. The use of these web pages provided by FIBRAN, is only allowed under these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use can be updated, changed, or replaced by other terms and conditions. By logging in, or when loging in is not required, by using FIBRAN's website, you automatically accept the then current version of these Terms of Use.
  2. FIBRAN offers specialized information and software through its website as well as, depending on the case, relevant documentation to read or download. FIBRAN may at any time cease the operation of its website, in full or in part. Due to the nature of the Web and IT systems, FIBRAN is not liable for the constant availability of its website.
  3. Some pages in FIBRAN's website may be password protected. To protect the security and the authenticity of business transactions, only registered Users have access to those pages. FIBRAN reserves the right to deny registration to any User. More specifically, FIBRAN reserves the right to determine that certain pages which were freely accessible in the past, will in the future require registration. FIBRAN reserves the right to deny a User access to password protected areas by blocking the User's login information, at any time and without justification. Upon registration, Users must provide accurate information and, if this information changes over time, they must notify FIBRAN (this notification should be carried out online, if possible) without delay. The User must ensure that the email address provided to FIBRAN is up to date and that the User can be contacted at this email address. Users must ensure that their  login information cannot be accessed by third parties;  furthermore, Users are responsible for any transactions or other actions which take place with their login information. If the User realizes that others are improperly using his User Information, he must immediately notify FIBRAN in writing or by email.
  4. The use of any information, documents, software and documentation provided on FIBRAN's website, is subject to these Terms of Use or, if the information, documents, software or documentation is updated, subject to the applicable license terms which have been agreed upon with FIBRAN. License terms which have been separately agreed prevail over these Terms of Use. The transfer, leasing or in any other way release of the information, documents, software and documentation by the User to any third party is prohibited. The information, documents, software and documentation are protected by copyright law and international copyright treaties, as well as other laws and treaties concerning intellectual property. The User must follow the laws stated above and may not remove alphanumeric code, copyright statements or notifications from the information, the documents, the software or the documentation.
  5. Saving the individual provisions of paragraph 4 of these terms, the information, the documents, the brand names and other contents of FIBRAN's website cannot be amended, copied, reproduced, sold, leased, used, supplemented or otherwise used in any way without FIBRAN's prior written agreement. Excluding the usage rights and other rights explicitly provided by these terms, no other rights are provided to the User, nor does any obligation arise to provide rights on, without limitation, the company name or intellectual property rights, such as patents, brand names or utility models. FIBRAN may use, and the User cannot make any financial or other claims, any idea or suggestion stored by the user at FIBRAN's website to develop, improve and sell its products and services.
  6. While using FIBRAN's website, the User is not allowed to:
    • harm others or violate their civil rights,
    • violate morals through the way of use,
    • violate any intellectual property rights or any other property rights,
    • transfer to the website any contents which contain a virus or any other application which may cause damage to data,
    • transmit, store or transfer to the website hyperlinks or contents on which the User has no rights, especially in cases where the hyperlinks or the contents violate privacy policies or are illegal
    • send advertisements or spam email messages or false warnings about viruses, defects or similar; furthermore the User will not request or ask the participation in any type of lotteries, chain letters, pyramid schemes or similar.
  7. Visitors/users of our website must comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the respective legislation governing communications; furthermore, they must also refrain from any illegal and improper use of our website's content and services. During their visit and the use of our website, they must also behave properly, politely and tactfully, while it is strictly forbidden to adopt unfair competition practices or other practices which contravene the INTERNET Users' Code of Conduct. The user or visitor will be solely liable for any damages caused to our website or the Network in general as a result of their improper or unlawful use of the relevant services. It is hereby expressly agreed that should any lawsuit, claim, administrative or judicial be brought against our website, resulting in any way from a violation made by you, you assume the responsibility to intervene on our behalf in the respective judicial process and to also compensate our website, if it is forced to pay any compensation or other fees.
  8. FIBRAN may refuse access to its website at any time, especially if the User violates any obligations emanating from these Terms of Use.
  9. FIBRAN's websites may contain hyperlinks to other websites. FIBRAN will not accept any liability for the contents of these websites and does not present or approve these websites or their contents as its own, since FIBRAN does not control the information presented in these websites and is not responsible for the contents and the information provided in them. The use of such Websites shall be at the sole risk of the User.
  10. If any information, documents, software or documentation are provided free of charge, then any liability for defects with regards to the quality or the ownership of the information, the documents, the software and the documentation is rejected, especially with regards to the correctness or the absence of defects or the absence of claims or rights by third parties or with regards to the completeness and / or suitability for a specific purpose. FIBRAN makes every possible effort, without any guarantees and, therefore, without accepting any liability, to ensure that the information and the entire contents are accurate, clear, up to date, complete, correct and available. In no case, including cases of negligence, shall FIBRAN be liable for any damages caused to the visitor / user through the use of our website. Information and services are provided on an "as is" basis, without any express or implied guarantees. Furthermore, FIBRAN explicitly disclaims all such guarantees, including guarantees of merchantability or suitability. Nothing provided to users / visitors through our website is in any way, directly or indirectly, an encouragement, advice or incitement to carry out any technical construction, technical study method, construction methodology or other act with a financial, technical or scientific result, but it lies on the users' / visitors' sole discretion to evaluate what is provided and act on the basis of their own will, excluding any liability in our part, in accordance with the statements above.
  11. FIBRAN's liability with regards to quality defects and ownership shall be defined in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 10 of these Terms. FIBRAN disclaims any further liability, except if required by the law.
  12. Although FIBRAN makes every effort to keep its website virus-free, FIBRAN cannot guarantee that its website is virus-free. Users should, for their own protection, take all necessary measures to ensure the proper safety measures are in place and should use an antivirus before downloading any information, software or documentation from the Website. The User should take all reasonable actions to ensure safety measures are in place and should use an antivirus to make sure that no viruses are uploaded to FIBRAN's website.
  13. Export of certain information, documents, software and documentation may, e.g. due to its nature or its intended purpose or destination, be subject to authorization. The User must fully comply with the export regulations regarding information, software and documentation, especially those of the European Union as well as those of the individual member-states of the European Union. Access to software, documents, documentation and information to FIBRAN's website must only take place if it is in line with the checks and guarantees stated above. If the User does not comply with the above, FIBRAN will not have any performance obligations. If requested, FIBRAN will notify the User about contact ways for further information
  14. The entire contents of our website, including, but not limited to, texts, news, graphics, pictures, diagrams, images, services we provide and, in general, any type of files, are the intellectual property of FIBRAN and are governed by national and international Intellectual Property laws. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce, republish, copy, store, sell, transmit, distribute, publish, run, download, translate, alter them in any way, in part or in summary, without FIBRANS's previous explicit written consent. As an exception, the individual storing and copying of parts of the contents to a simple personal computer is allowed, strictly for the website visitor's personal use, without any intentions of commercial or other exploitation and always under the condition that their source is mentioned; in no way does this exception mean  that any intellectual property rights are relinquished. For all contents of our website which are registered trademarks or  intellectual properties of third parties, their owners are solely liable and our website disclaims all liability.
  15. For the collection, use and processing of personally identifiable information from the Users of its website, FIBRAN complies with the applicable laws regarding the protection of personal data and  FIBRAN's website Privacy policy , which is available as a link in FIBRAN's website.
  16. Any supplemental agreements must be made in writing. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki. FIBRAN's website is managed by a company with its head offices in Greece. If Users outside of Greece visit FIBRAN's website, they are solely responsible for their compliance with local laws. Access to information, software and/or documentation in FIBRAN's website is forbidden in countries in which this content is illegal. The Terms of Use are governed by Greek law and any disputes concerning these Terms of Use or their content, will be resolved in accordance with Greek law.


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