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Flat roof

Flat roofs, terraces, roofs of underground structures, low-pitched roofs, whether intended for no traffic, foot traffic or vehicular traffic, all have the same basic purpose: to protect the building from weather. Roofs' overheated or cooled spaces should also provide protection against heat losses, or undesired heat gains in summer.

Experts have developed various system solutions for good performance of flat roofs and optimum thermal comfort in living spaces under the roof.  Depending on the particular requirements of each construction, as well as the desires and vision of the investor, designers may choose among the following:

  • Long-lasting, effective, optimally built INVERTED ROOF, used for different purposes, and its varieties (DUO, OPTIMO, PLUS)
  • SHADED roof, where surface protection ensures a longer life span for the exposed roof membrane,
  • NON-PROTECTED roof, the durability of which depends on the choice of waterproofing membrane,
  • COLD roof, where the thermal insulation is applied from the inside.

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