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FIBRANgyps is a wide range of natural gypsum-based products, suitable for all dry wall system, the best solution for interiors of houses, offices and all types of building where people congregate, such as schools, shops, airports, hospitals, hotels, etc.

The versatility of dry systems can solve many design requirements changing  characteristics, numbers and thickness of the boards, types and size of structure and  inserting insulating materials. Depending on the project you want to make (horizontal or vertical) and performance requirements you can combine the components of the system in order to realize the attractive features of the modern interior. 
It would be impossible without the unique properties of gypsum: 
  • fire protective 
  • sound insulating     
  • humidity resistant  
  • thermal insulator when combined with insulation material 
  • impact resistant   
  • easy to install and to dismantle     
  • aesthetic 
  • environment friendly
Gypsum is a sedimentary natural mineral, dihydrated Calcium Sulphate (CaSO4x2H2O), incombustible, non toxic for man and low impact on the environment.
 It is found in layers that were formed under salt water millions of years ago. The water evaporated and left the mineral. 
Gypsum does not generate any kind of pollution, or during its processing, nor during his disposal as it does not release hazardous substances into the atmosphere.
Specifically, the environmental impact of FIBRANgyps production is nearly zero, since the plant is located inside the gypsum quarry itself
The range of FIBRANgyps products for buildings meets  the following main European harmonized standards:
EN 520: Gypsum plasterboards 
This standard defines different types of plasterboards.
The most important are:
  • type A – with a face to which suitable gypsum plaster or decoration may be applied 
  • type D – with controlled density (more than  800 kg/m3)
  • type F – with improved core adhesion at high temperature
  • type H – with reduced water absorption  rate 
  • type I – with enhanced surface hardness
EN 13950: Gypsum plasterboards thermal/acoustic insulation composite panels-
composite panels made of an insulating material laminated to gypsum plasterboards for which the main intended use is the internal insulation (thermal and/or acoustic) of walls. They are attached with adhesives or by mechanical fixings to vertical solid backgrounds and by mechanical fixings to wood or metal framing 
EN 14190: Gypsum plasterboard products from reprocessing
EN 13963: Jointing materials for gypsum plasterboards
EN 14195: Metal framing components for gypsum plasterboard systems

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