Friday 3 July 2020  

Light shaft

Basements are usually lightened by light shaft, which have to be thermally insulated on adequate way.

If a concrete light shaft is built into the load-bearing construction of the building, its walls as well as the cover must be thermally insulated in order to reduce thermal bridges. Besides the increase in heat losses, thermal bridges cause cold surface on the inside of the wall and its humidification, which can lead to the damaging mould.

All these disadvantages can be avoided by installing a prefabricated light shaft. The installation procedure:

  • apply the waterproofing of the basement wall
  • apply the durable elastic putty along the line where the light shaft will be installed, in order to prevent water ingress on the areas where the light shaft is fixed
  • install thermal insulation FIBRANxps 300-L
  • apply durable elastic putty along the line of the light shaft
  • install the light shaft

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