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Basement wall below grade

Basement walls are thermally insulated with FIBRANxps boards, which at the same time act as mechanical protection of waterproofing of underground walls against damaging. The required technical characteristics of thermal insulation, installed in the ground:

Declared compressive strengthCS(10Y)300

Long-term water absorption by diffusionWD(V)3

Fixing of FIBRANxps on waterproofing

Installation of thermal insulation boards FIBRANxps 300-L on external basement walls below grade starts at the foundation slab. The boards are fixed with FIBRANstick, butyl rubber sticker pads (5 pcs per board), or with special polyurethane foam for fixing on waterproofing membrane.

Mechanical fixing, or fixing with overheated waterproofing membrane can cause damage on waterproofing, which then results in humidification of the basement wall, leading to an expensive remedial work. Gluing with mortars is not successful, due to FIBRANxps and waterproofing closed-cell surface.



Fixing of FIBRANxps 300-L on the waterproofing of the basement wall with FIBRANstick sticker pads

Light shaft

Basements are usually lightened by light shaft, which have to be thermally insulated on adequate way.

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