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Energy shield products

FIBRAN thermal insulation materials, installed in accordance with current regulations and the rules of good practice by an experienced installer, is a long-lasting and valuable ENERGY SHIELD for built structures and industrial applications.

an ENERGY SHIELD which minimises thermal loses and reduces energy consumption

an ENERGY SHIELD which protects both ourselves as well as our buildings from abrupt temperature fluctuations of the external environment

an ENERGY SHIELD which provides sustainable thermal comfort to our living and working environments

an ENERGY SHIELD which limits environmental pollution and the waste of energy sources

Constructions that require long-lasting thermal insulation, durable in humid conditions, are insulated with rigid extruded polysterene FIBRANxps thermal insulation boards, with closed cell structure.

Constructions that require both thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protection are insulated with the mineral breathable FIBRANgeo stonewool products.  

Constructions that require attractive features of modern interior would be impossible without the unique properties of FIBRANgyps gypsum products.  

►Floor constructions with partial impact sound insulation requirements are insulation with expanded polyethelene FIBRANxpe sheets.

List of FIBRAN products


  • Insulation materials

  • Membrane

  • Dry construction


Supportive materials

  • Adhesives
Butil rubber sticker pads
Polyurethane foam

  • Fixers

Mechanical fixing

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