About Us

FIBRAN S.A. was founded in 1974 by Dimitrios Anastasiadis in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then, it has evolved into a multi-national industrial group with factories in 6 European countries totaling 13 production lines and commercial activity in more than 60 countries worldwide positioning itself as one of the top European insulation companies.

The company produces insulation products from extruded polystyrene, stonewool and expanded polystyrene for thermal and sound insulation and fire protection in civil, industrial, agricultural and naval applications. It also produces gypsum-based products for dry construction and trades in a variety of associative building materials.

The main brands of our range of products are: FIBRANgeo stonewool products, FIBRANxps extruded polystyrene products, FIBRANgyps and FIBRANprofiles dry-construction products and FIBRANeps expanded polystyrene.

The R&D Department of the Group tirelessly elaborates on new certified insulation & construction systems that provide solutions in the everyday routine to the architects & consultants, contractors, installers & property owners and improves the life well being of the consumers all over the world fulfilling the FIBRAN founder's timeless vision.