FIBRANgeo B-051

FIBRANgeo B-001-YM
FIBRANgeo B-001-YM

FIBRANgeo B-051 Rigid Stonewool insulation board

FIBRANgeo B-051


FIBRANgeo B-051 rigid stonewool insulation board is a natural inorganic fibrous product that is industrially produced from molten rock spun into fibres, in accordance with European Standard EN 13162 (Thermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made mineral wool (MW) products).


Boards designed for thermal insulation, fire resistance and sound insulation applications:

On floors, such as:
• Floating floor of concrete screed and final surface, e.g. marble/ceramic tiles, industrial flooring (thickness 20-30mm)
• Floating floor of dry construction and final surface, e.g. timber, ceramic tiles (thickness 20-30 mm)

On flat roofs, such as:
• External thermal and sound insulation of flat roofs, with stonewool that is covered by screed and water-insulation layer (thickness of 20-30mm).

Special constructions of fire resistance and sound insulation.


Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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Catalogue 200 - FIBRANgeo

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